Friday, November 22, 2013

Iron Man IV - Installing new armors - Step by step

In this video i show how to install an new armor, the step by step is described bellow...

Installing the ped model

1 - Download the new armor, save and extract the files to an folder:

2 - Select an ped model name to replace and rename the armor files to this new ped model name:

Very good names to use: Any mission character ( begins with ig_, i tested in patch 1..four. and 1..7. and appears to never result in troubles :) ), m_y_prison, m_y_prisonaom, m_y_multiplayer, use OpenIV to check the right names:

three - Open the OpenIV, click in "Edit mode" to activate the edit mode, answer Yes to the query soon after the click.

four - In OpenIV, open folder modelscdimages and open file componentpeds.img:

5 - Drag and drop all armor files to OpenIV, also you can use the menu Edit > Add instead of drag and drop

To check if new armor is ok, uncover the armor file that ends with .wdd and double click it (in OpenIV)
Verify the check boxes at left prime corner to see all armor components:

*Some armors can appear without the textures but in game they need to look fine.

Installing/creating the config file for the armor

Now, let's create an new config file for this armor:

1 - Open the GTAIV.exe folder, then open ScriptsIron Man filesArmors:

2 - Make an copy the armor_2.ini file and rename to the name of the new armor, let's use "armor_war machine.ini":

*Never remove the .ini extension :P

three - Open the new file with an text editor, now we will set some configuration:

You need to edit the model choice and set the name of the model selected ahead of, in this instance: ig_romanw.
Also set the name alternative to set the show name for armors menu.
The other choices are significantly less critical.
Save and close the file.

Now it really is just open the game and see if a new item seem with the chosen display name :)

Some armors can come with playerped.rpf file, in this case you replace the player and not a common pedestrian, so rather of opening file componentpeds.img, you just replace the playerped.rpf file in same folder and set the model alternative with name player in the armor .ini file.

Obs.: Make positive to use various model name for every armor, otherwise you will have incorrect model for some menu items :)

Verify the new armors post :)

Iron Man IV - Installing new armors - Step by step
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