Sunday, November 24, 2013

[OFF] Imagine GTA V with this soft-body physics

BeamNG? Soft-body physics? GTA V? Yes child, this is the subject, the amazing BeamNG physics for vehicles collision/soft-body harm and a dream to have this in a GTA game.

BeamNG is the much more precise soft-body simulation application/engine that we can attempt for free of charge truly (i guess). The damage on vehicle structure and components is amazing:
Now think about this feature + stronger chassis + stronger suspension + GTA IV video editor in GTA V? Wonderful...

Sadly i don't feel that we will have something like this in GTA V, mainly due to the fact GTA V will be released in September of this year and nobody mentioned anything about more real auto harm physics or something like that.

Perhaps in a subsequent future we can have a GTA style game with this type of reality for cars, this would be great.

You can attempt the Totally free Tech Demo of BeamNG to have the feeling of a far more real vehicle damage, enter this site and click in TechDemo or just click here. This version goes with 1 map only for demonstration with some ramps and obstacles but you can use the World editor (F11) to edit the globe and make an far more hazardous ambient ^^

Also you can buy the complete version that is consistently being updated with new automobiles, maps and improvements here, it is only $ 15 and you can have a lot of exciting kidding with the auto physics in cool maps and have access to all attributes in the Planet editor mode. The limit is your imagination (and laptop processing capacity lol):

[OFF] Imagine GTA V with this soft-body physics
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