Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Script] Air Combat IV v1.5 - XBox 360 Controller support

Air combat IV v1.5

Added XBox control support
Added skin (livery) modify, you can modify ingame using Subtract key (numpad) or in the .ini of the jet or acquirement point
Some small fixes

XBox controls:

Hold left and appropriate Shoulders to see/hide jet spawn menu, use A to spawn on air or use X to spawn on ground
A - Shoot rockets
X - Shoot cannon
Y - Release flares
DPad Down - Drop bombs
B - Eject/Exit/Enter jet
Left Thumb stick - Pitch and Roll
Left/Proper Shoulder - Turn left or right
Left Trigger - slow down
Proper Trigger - Accelerate

I think that this config its cool to play :)

DLL Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll Have to be inside gtaiv.exe or the game will crash, possibly you need to have to install this packet:

Download: GTA four Mods

News for jet model developers:

Now we have an car extra auto toggle to be utilised when firing guns, you can set them in the jet_....ini file, this is the config:

[further_]    <-- category that goes from to 4, so we have 5 further available
extraID=   <-- ID of the extra in the vehicle
initiallyEnabled=-1   <-- if will commence On/Off
activateWhenFireCannon=1   <-- if will be toggled when firing cannon...
activateWhenFireRocket=-1   <-- ...rocket
activateWhenFireBomb=-1   <-- ...bomb
activateWhenReleaseFlares=-1   <-- ...or releasing flares
hotkey=-1   <-- hotkey to toggle manually
autoOffTime=500   <-- auto toggle time, this is like an timeout, if greater than will toggle the added to previous state after this amount of milliseconds

Now you can set an distinct livery (skin) to the jet begin with, this new setting will be positioned in the jet_....ini file in the common category:

skin_count= <-- number of skins
skin=1 <-- skin to start with

Also you can set the starting skin in the acquirement point, in the file Jet_Spawn:


[Script] Air Combat IV v1.5 - XBox 360 Controller support
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