Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dual Wielding style*Updated*

Dual Wielding style v1

Finally duel wielding mod released.
I would like to thank JulioNIB for assisting me and writing this great script.

This mod generally will bring the capability to use two guns (glock, deagle, shotgun, uzi and others) as outcome of the combination of animation editing and scripting.

This script also involves an optional headshot feature that apply a temporary slow motion when you carry out a headshot kill and a slow motion function activated when you press Tab.

Actual modded anims:

Combat Shotgun (partial edit,  idle anim in progress)
Sawed off shotgun (TLad)
Sweeper (TLaD)
CZ75 pistol (TLaD)
Golden uzi (TBoGT)
AA12 (TBoGT)
AA12 explosive (TBoGT)
P90 (TBoGT)

*The anims for shotguns for EFLC may affect the fire price

                           custom installation
Dual Wielding style*Updated*
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