Monday, November 25, 2013

Switch Player model - Small script request - GTA iV

The thought right here is be capable to switch player model to any ped model employing hotkeys or command lines or clone an pedestrian copying their skin, attached objects like Bags, Glasses and Hats never will be copied.

Jatin Narula asked to me this script and i have some parts of this code accomplished for my future Prototype mod, so, was effortless to extract it and develop this script.

Download: MEGA

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How to use

First you need scripthook installed.
Copy the two files inside he zip to the Scripts folder of your GTA IV or EFLC

The file goes with a sample .ini file with two examples of use for the models ig_Brian and ig_Tuna

Press control + hotkey (based on .ini config) to modify into the desired model

Aim at an pedestrian and press middle mouse button to switch to the targeted ped model, you will have very same clothing.

The hotkeys can be switched in the .ini file :)


Switch Player model - Small script request - GTA iV
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