Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Script] Simple car fly cheat

This was requested by taltigolt but i believe that he didnt liked the outcome hehe

This script tryes to recreate San Andreas fly cheat for vehicles, the big difficulty is manage the flight, i tryed a lot of ideas but my final results was often bad, with some practice you can fly extremely nicely.

Download: GTA four Mods

The idea is easy:

Use the native function SET_Auto_FORWARD_SPEED to handle the forward speed of the vehicle, and apply force in the proper directions and rotations to make it go Up/Down/Left/Correct/Roll Leftt/Roll Proper, the huge situation is when you hit anything and the car begin spinning, its tough to quit. I have some ideas here that i didnt utilized in this script, possibly i can improve it and make it flyes much better :)

[Script] Simple car fly cheat
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