Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iron Man IV script mod - Possible problems and possible solutions :)

In this post i wanna show some feasible issues that you can have with Iron Man IV script and some attainable solutions.

Very first of all, if the script do not function, you did something incorrect or have incorrect or incompatible software (Crack, patch version, ASI loader, scripthook version, and so on.), the script performs fine if almost everything is ok, and it is not hard to make it happen, basically a fresh install of the game "patched" to 1..4. in a pc with .Net framework 4. and running the game as administrator will be enough.

Download last version (v1.1.1) right here

Make confident that you have the following packages installed:
and maybe:

Make confident that you can load .Net Scripthook scripts or you will not be able to run this mod :(

Possible troubles

  • Game crash at loading screen.
This can occur if you:

Is using wrong ScriptHook.dll version, the default DLL that goes with script its to be used with GTA with patch 1..six. or later, or with EFLC, if you wanna run the script in the GTA with patch 1..four. or decrease you  need to copy the DLL from folder "DLL for 1..4." and overwrite the default a single in the GTAIV.exe folder.

Didn't copied file Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll, this file is loaded by script with xbox 360 control help, so if its missing game will crash at loading screen when script is loaded.

  • Error in script 'Iron Man IV':
Try the command reloadscripts, press " to see the scripthook console window.

This error can take place if you don't copy all files from Scripts folder:

to Scritps folder in GTAIV.exe folder.

This error can come about also if another script mod is deleting 1 of the Iron Man IV objects, in this case i suggest to remove all other scripts and test only with Iron Man IV to make certain that this is the purpose or not.

Often this error can take place randomly at game startup, in this case try using the scripthook console command reloadscripts, press " to see the console window then sort the command.

  • Game crash at very first screen (black screen):

Some customers had this concern and was associated to incompatible ScriptHookDotNet.asi file, so they tryed other sources and worked.

Yet another factor that you can try is use CCleaner to clean windows registry concerns, this helped 1 of the users, game was crashing at loading screen and all was properly installed, so he did this registry clean and the problem was fixed :)

I hope that this info can support you solve your Iron Man IV troubles :)
Iron Man IV script mod - Possible problems and possible solutions :)
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