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Iron Man IV - Installation guide (based on last version)

This post is outdated, check the last version of this mod right here


Last version of Iron Man IV might need to have some different methods to be installed, i will describe the installation step by step here.

Tip: If you installed 1st version and replaced some widespread street peds, you can use the pack of this post to restore these peds :)

If you wanna make videos of this mod or share it anywhere, please use the following hyperlinks in the post, this will support me a lot :)

Installing the standard

You have two alternatives: Download the OpenIV package file and use OpenIV Package Installer for effortless install, or download the files for manual setup.

OpenIV Package (advised)

To see how to install .oiv files click right here, right after installing the .oiv file, come back here to see how to set up the armors (last step)

Files for manual setup :

1-Download the files for manual setup FreakShareFileFactorySurvey, MEGA (outdated)
2-Extract all files to an folder (you may possibly need WinRar to extract), you will have this files:

three-Copy all files to your GTAIV.exe folder (or EFLC.exe folder if you are installing in EFLC) and overwrite everything (files and folders):

Now let's see if the script is loading, open the game and press " (or for some keyboards ~) an black window need to seem, the text "Iron Man IV script loaded" should seem:

Press Esc to close the console window then press quantity (not the numpad0) an menu must appear at left prime corner:

If you can see the mod menu we can proceed with the installation of the other mod parts, if not let's see what can be incorrect:

Troubles section

Game crash and/or closes at loading screen:
  • This can happen if you are employing patch 1..4., in this case you require to copy ScriptHook.dll from folder "DLL for 1..4." to your gtaiv.exe folder and overwrite the old one particular.
  • Or this can occur if you overlook to copy Microsoft.Xna.Framework or NAudio dll to gtaiv.exe folder.
Game opens but when you press " or ~ no black window appears:
  • Your ASI loader or Scripthook is not loading :(, i cant help you in this case, you want to discover out why this is taking place, maybe you need yet another version of ASI loader or scripthook.
Game loads but the message: "Error in script 'Iron Man'" appears at left best corner:
  • This can occur in result of incompatibility with other mods, press " and kind the command reloadscripts, if error takes place once more you can try to temporary get rid of other mods and test.
  • For some purpose you personal computer can have some kind of incompatibility with XNA Dll, in this case you can attempt the Iron file from folder "no XBox 360 Manage help version", paste it on Scripts folder and overwrite the old 1.
Receiving this error message when launching the game:

Probably connected to Administrator rights.
  • Remedy one: Proper click game icon and click in Run as Administrator
  • Remedy two: Download this file and place inside GTAIV.exe folder (or EFLC.exe folder)
Source of those final two options:

If you installed very first version of the mod and replaced typical street peds possibly you want restore they visual, in this case take a look right here.

Installing the animations (EFLC never need to have this step)

1-First of all, close the game ^^
two-Open the OpenIV, choose Grand Theft Auto IV, open the folder anim, open the file anim.img then click in Edit mode:

3-You can drag and drop the file parachute.wad from Animation folder or use the OpenIV menu Edit > Add:

*If you cannot set up the animations in GTA IV utilizing OpenIV, you can attempt replacing original game anims with this one, please, rename the original to something like anims.img.original just before replacing :)
(press ctrl+s to download the file):

The anims.img folder frequently is: C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVpcanim
Often modify game files with game closed.

Installing the armors

Now we will install the armors, you have two indicated options now, one is use the add peds method of the all-in-1 pack or use the replace mission characters strategy, i advocate the second.

Let's say that you choose the replace strategy:

Close the game very first :)

1-Download it here
two-Extract all files to an folder, you will have this:

3-Open the folder "armors (replacing mission char.)" then open the folder "to drag to Iron Man IV Armors folder", select all files correct click them and Copy:

four-Open your Iron Man Armors folder (developed at gtaiv.exe folder on 1st steps) delete every little thing that can be there and paste the prior copied files:

five-Now open the folder "to drag to componentPeds.img with OpenIV" we will insert those files employing OpenIV. Open the OpenIV, decide on Grand Theft Auto IV, open the folder models, then folder cdimages then open file componentpeds.img, click in Edit mode:

6-Now you can drag and drop all the files from the folder "to drag to componentPeds.img with OpenIV" or use the OpenIV menu Edit > Add and select all files:

The OpenIV will freeze for some seconds, it is normal.

The principal armor (MK III) will replace the player, with this pack you have two possibilities:
  • 1 to replace player but preserve player original visual
  • And 1 to replace player and replace Niko's head with Tony Stark's head

Choose the a single that you want, open the OpenIV and open the folders modelscdimages, now use the menu Edit > Add and pick the preferred playerped.rpf (or drag and drop the selected playerped.rpf file). Don't neglect to allow the Edit mode

Accomplished! Almost everything is installed, open the game and attempt to equip every single armor to see if they perform fine.
Iron Man IV - Installation guide (based on last version)
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