Friday, November 22, 2013

Iron Man IV - Armor pack to replace mission chars

Verify the last version of this mod right here


This armor pack has been setup to replace mission chars, this will stay away from the add peds technique side effects/"crashes".

So if your game crash when you choose an added armor or your EFLC not even opens, you need to attempt this technique :)

Bear in mind: This will replace some missions characters.

Tip: If you installed very first version and replaced some widespread street peds, you can use the pack of this post to restore these peds :)

Effortless set up

OpenIV Package for straightforward install: Download right heremirror

Require support with .oiv files? click here

Manual setup
  • If you have the armor pack with added peds strategy you need to copy the provided peds.ide and pedVariations.dat to your "C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVcommondata" (or the appropriate EFLC folders) and overwrite to restore the original ped config
  • Now employing OpenIV, open componentpeds.img (modelscdimages) and replace the mission chars with the supplied files, also you require to delete the old im_* files from old added armors, don't forget to enable the "Edit mode":
  • Final step is copy content material of the armor config folder to your Iron Man IV Armors folder:

Done! Now open the game and see if every single armor in menu it's operating fine :)

If you installed initial version of the mod and replaced widespread street peds perhaps you want restore they visual, in this case take a look here.

Armors by H1Vltg3Wapeddell and Quechus13

Check the new armors post right here
Iron Man IV - Armor pack to replace mission chars
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