Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Death race car - Vigilante 8 style [W.I.P.]

[Work In Progress]

Who played Vigilante 8 game series in PSX console? Extremely nice game, i spent hours playing shooting rockets and that pink factor that falls from sky ^^

This mod will attempt to bring anything equivalent to GTA IV, really it only have the miniguns working, but we currently can fight some "AI" drivers:

The concept is add nearly all functions from Vigilante eight game, also some crazy automobiles and some tracks to destroy everything.

Initially the project was referred to as Death Race Vehicle, but i will evolve it to add Vigilante 8 attributes in a separated mod.

Death Race Automobile will have:

  • Minigun
  • Ejectable seats
  • Detachable Tombstone (back element)
And other items  that i cant remember now, this is the car:

Death race car - Vigilante 8 style [W.I.P.]
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