Friday, December 6, 2013

[Script] Iron Man IV - Release post and installation guide :)

This mod enables you to have some Iron Man characteristics like repulsor beam, cannon and flight :)


Different armors with armor selection menu

Super strength melee attacks (Q and R keys)


Darts for silent kill

Mini rockets with multi target lock (up to 10)

Hand repulsor beam

Chest repulsor beam

Flight capacity

Also you can have 1 Ally to support you and flying enemies


Possibilities Menu:

Number (not numpad0) - Show Possibilities Menu
Left/Proper - Switch menu item
Enter - Pick/Toggle menu item

Hold Spacebar (Jump) briefly to toggle Flight Mode ON/OFF
Hold Correct Mouse Button (Aim) to aim/Set Targets (Must hold Aim to fire)
Left Mouse Click (Fire) - Fire Weapon
1, two, three, 4, five - Switch Weapons
Hold Middle Mouse Button to see Weapon Choice menu, move the mouse to choose and release Middle Mouse Button to accept (Crysis Style)
E - Switch to next Weapon

In Flight Mode:

W - Go Forward
S - Go Backward
A/D - Strafe Left/Correct
Shift - Go Up
Handle - Go Down
B - Hold to be in a position to rotate camera around player with out altering player's rotation

Ground Combat Only:

Q - Powered Kick
R - Powered Uppercut

Xbox 360 Controller

Choices Menu:

Hold Left Bumper and Proper Bumper together - Show Alternatives Menu
Left/Right on Dpad - Switch menu item
A Button - Pick/Toggle menu item

Hold X Button (Jump) briefly to toggle Flight Mode ON/OFF
Hold Left Trigger (Aim) to aim/Set Targets (Should hold Aim to fire)
Right Trigger - Fire Weapon (Tap for most Weapons, Must hold to fire Minigun)
Dpad Left/Proper - Switch Weapons

In Flight Mode:

Left Stick Up - Go Forward
Left Stick Down - Go Backward
Left Stick Left/Appropriate - Strafe Left/Correct
Click Left Stick - Go Up
Click Proper Stick - Go Down

Ground Combat Only:

Left Bumper - Powered Kick
Proper Bumper - Powered Uppercut

Observation for ENB/iCeNhancer users

The repulsor beam effect uses corona to simulate the beam, so the intensity of corona effect have to be greater or equal to 2:


file that has this config: enbseries.ini or iceconfig.ini
[Script] Iron Man IV - Release post and installation guide :)
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