Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Important Tips

Possibly some my mods are shiny in your game or some mods are heavy for your laptop.
I just created these mods on my system and  I have not tested these mods on other systems or enb mods.

How this issue can be solved in a handful of minutes?Study this post

1-use openiv and replace all files in playerped.rpf
for example my max payne 3 mod is shiny in your game and you want repair his upper shine.

2-open playerped.rpf with openiv and choose uppr_000_u.wdr

three-Now appropriate click on the uppr_000_u.wdr and use save content/Export(crtl+s)Then produce a new folder and click on ok.

four-Go to your created folder and open uppr_000_u.odr with notepad.

5-Go to finish of the third line and like as image change quantity and save it.
for instance adjust 3 to two or 1.five(reduce number= Less power bump map)

six-open playerped.rpf with openiv again then click on the new,import openformats and drawable model.

7-pick uppr_000_u.odr and click on ok.

Important Tips
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