Tuesday, December 3, 2013

GTA IV VStyle - V Handling script

This mod made by Nixolas1 will bring to IV an cool handling inspired by GTA V handling.

Download simple setup: here (mirror)
Download from supply right here

if you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation: This mod utilizes OpenIV Package Installer (simple setup hyperlinks), see how to install right here



Original description

GTA V Handling, or V-Handling for quick is a mod for IV/EFLC which will make all your autos take much better turns and brake more quickly, just like in GTA V!
You will in no way float away in the corners with this mod :)

NEW: <a type="amzn" search="xbox 360">Xbox</a> manage fixed. Added stuck on roof rolling (Press A/D to roll on wheels once again)
Edit the ini file to suit your preferences, like cropper turns, more rapidly braking or allow tap to reverse.

Press A+S+D at the exact same time to reload the ini file.

--- Set up ---
*Location V-Handling.asi and VHandling.ini in your primary GTA IV or EFLC directory (where EFLC.exe or GTA IV.exe is)
*If you dont have dsound.dll or scripthook.dll there from ahead of, place these there aswell
*Modify the ini file to suit your demands
*Personal the streets of Liberty City :)


Note: This is not a handling.dat mod, and has no "real" GTA V handling files. I have reconstructed the feeling by employing scripting.
GTA IV VStyle - V Handling script
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